Rockett's World is a 6 book mini-series based on Purple Moon's games written by Lauren Day . They were published by Scholastic in association with Mattel from August 1999 to May 2000.

While the books are traditional chapter books told from Rockett's point-of-view, between some chapters is a "Confession Session" that reveals several characters' thoughts on Rockett's actions in the previous chapter.


While the books share the same setting, characters, and some major events as the Rockett series, there are several minor differences between the two.

  • Ruben's band has always been named Rebel Angels.
  • The Ones have several minor members.  (Though the books still focus on the core group.)
  • The Ones have known each since they were little, instead of meeting up a few years prior during the events of Secret Paths to the Sea.
  • Sharla 's style is described as being more "goth" than "punk".


The books, like the games, are currently out-of-print. However, PDF, EPub, and Daisy versions of the books can be borrowed and read for free at the Internet Archive.

Titles Edit

  1. Who Can You Trust?
  2. What Kind of Friend Are You?
  3. Are We There Yet?
  4. Can You Keep A Secret?
  5. Where Do You Belong?
  6. Who's Running This Show?