Character Info

Full Name







Nguyen (Brother), "Bà nội" (Paternal Grandmother)



Voice Actor(s)

Jacci Vang

Appears in

Secret Paths in the Forest

Minh is a character exclusive to Secret Paths in the Forest. She does not appear in any other Purple Moon game and did not have a character page on the Purple Moon Place website.

Background Edit

Minh moved to the United States from Vietnam with her family 3 years before the start of the game. During that time, she became fluent in English and learned the ins and outs of American culture. She lives with her brother Nguyen and her grandmother, whom she calls "Bà nội" (the Vietnamese word for a paternal grandmother). She never states where she lives or attends school, but it is safe to assume that she lives in or near Whistling Pines, as she interacts with several of the Whistling Pines characters.

Little is known about Minh's interests other than that she is a member of a Vietnamese dance group.

Secret Paths in the Forest Edit

Kids constantly teases and ask Minh rude questions due to her grandmother wearing traditional Vietnamese clothes and bringing along Vietnamese food like pho whenever they go out in public. Even worse, because her grandmother only speaks Vietnamese, the other kids are scared of her. While she loves her grandmother and being Vietnamese, she is unsure of how she can be both Vietnamese and American without looking silly.

After traveling down her secret path, a moonlit forest, her grandmother offers to have her invite some kids over to bake bánh chuối with them and give them a chance to get to know her better. Minh agrees.